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*This price is relevant for the registration of a provincial company through the OWNR platform and is also calculated after using a 15% discount from the BizzBizz company, as well as a refund of 300 CAD from the RBC bank. When registering other types of legal entities, the price may change. The price may change within the OWNR platform. 


Welcome to BizzBizz - your one-stop-shop for all your business registration needs. We are excited to offer a special discount on OWNR services, an efficient platform for quick and easy company registration.

Take advantage of our exclusive 15% discount on your first registration with OWNR and save money on your first registration. As an added bonus, when you open a business account with RBC, you will receive a refund of 300 CAD.

At BizzBizz, we pride ourselves on offering transparent and affordable services. We do not charge any additional fees for our registration assistance - you only pay for OWNR services and government fees. 

Choose our Dream Package for company registration through OWNR and receive personalized guidance on the best type of company for your needs. Our team will walk you through the registration process, explain the next steps, and ensure you are fully prepared for your new business venture.

BizzBizz serves as an intermediary between clients and the OWNR platform, offering a special discount on OWNR services. Please note that the service cost and refund are determined by the OWNR platform and RBC, and not by BizzBizz itself.

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Get 15% OFF
For Registration of  Your Company

Ownr is a legal platform to start and grow your business. Register or incorporate your business in minutes, find the perfect name, automate your legal and business documents, and get access to the support you need.

+ get 300 CAD refund from RBC
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